Making the most of the Dubai Desert Safari in winter

When you are in Dubai during the winter, the Desert Safari is something that you cannot miss out! The Desert Safari offers you the closest brush with the Emirati lifestyle for a day, where everything is very glamorous. Starting with the desert safari, the dune bashing and the quad biking to the exciting sand skiing, camel rides and clicking gorgeous sunset photographs, to the lavish barbecue dinner – it does not end there. And add to it the shisha sessions with a glass of drink and admiring the belly dancing performances, it cannot get any better.

  • There will be 4 operators during the tour so make sure you are picking one carefully. The safaris are conducted in two shifts – one in the morning and the other during the evening. Before you head to the desert, make sure that you eat light and drink less water, because the dune bashing can get very bumpy. Keep a sunglass, a camera and a hat with yourself.
  • Carry some cash with yourself so that you can purchase some basic necessities like water or snacks. You might also like to purchase memoirs from souvenir shops.
  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable and loose clothes for avoiding irritations. As the temperature during the winter drops really fast around the desert, choose your clothing and shoes accordingly. There might be several times when you have to get down from the vehicle and walk on the sand, so wearing an open shoe will be more appropriate.
  • It is always recommended that you choose experienced tour operators or agencies even if they are slightly pricier. For, you can then be assured that when you are riding through the steep dunes, the driver and guide are experts and have excellent control.
  • After the dune safari, when you reach the campsite, secure a nice place for yourself so that you can observe the dance floor properly. You will also find additional modes of entertainment like – Arabic coffee stalls, date shops, henna tattoos, shisha parlours, dressing in traditional clothes for spending the time judiciously.
  • When you are thinking of purchasing anything at the campsite one thing that you should remember that it will cost double than the ordinary foods which are found in the malls.


In order to enjoy the entire Safari, you need to follow the rules starting from the clothing choice to the purchasing of items. Desert Safari is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Dubai, so make sure you are not missing the opportunity to experience the desert life in Dubai.

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