Recent changes in the visa policies in Dubai

Are you aware of the recent changes in the visa policies of Dubai? The government has approved several visa facilitations for families, tourists, residents, and people who have overstayed their legal visas. This has opened up various opportunities for people of any nationality. There are different types of visas, each with a number of strategic implementations. Here is everything you need to know about the updated visa policies.

Transit visa

As a way to promote commerce and tourism, the Cabinet of Dubai has passed a new legislation.

  • It will allow all transit passengers a free entry into the country for the first 48 hours.
  • Before this time period expires, passengers have the opportunity to extend their visa up to 96 hours for a nominal cost of 50 dirhams.

Transit visas and extensions can be easily obtained from express counters at the passport-control halls in any airport in UAE.

Tourist visa

A tourist visa should be obtained before arriving in Dubai. This can be issued depending upon the duration of stay: either 30 days or 90 days, However, you can choose to apply for single entry or multiple entry visa. Remember, a tourist visa is not extendable.

  • Effective from this year, a policy has been released to allow children who are traveling with their parents and under the age of 18 years visa-free entry. This is valid for visits starting from July 15 up until September 15 of each year.

Student visa

At the moment, a student visa can be obtained either by a resident sponsoring his child or through any registered universities in UAE. It is currently granted for one year, after which it must be renewed by submitting supporting documents proving that he or she is a student of an institution.

  • Students that are excelling in their studies will be granted a 10-year residency visa, while other students will be able to get a 5-year visa.
  • Professionals such as engineers and doctors will be granted a 10-year residency visa.
  • Those candidates that are sponsored by their parents will be given a two-year extension on their residency visa after completing university studies. This will give the student an opportunity to start a career after graduation.

Visa for job seekers or overstayers

UAE is promoting its image as a land of opportunities by initiating an amnesty program effective August 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018. This applies to both, visa violators and illegal residents, but the violation must have been committed before August 1, 2018.

  • Overstayers who are illegally living in UAE can voluntarily exit the country without paying fines, going to jail, or getting a ban.
  • Overstaying jobseekers can change their status by getting a self-sponsored 6-month visa allowing temporary access to the job market. The cost is 500 dirhams.
  • People who entered illegally can voluntarily leave UAE when they purchase a ticket to their home country and obtain an exit permit for 220 dirhams. The passport will be stamped with a “no entry” ban, valid for 2 years.

Visa change inside UAE without exiting the country

If you are on a visit visa to the UAE, you no longer have to exit the country to extend your visa. There is no longer a need to wait in the airport for long hours or travel to Oman by bus. You have the option of availing the visa extension inside country package from Seaman Tours. Both 30 days and 90 days package are available with us at affordable rates. The applicant who wishes to extend the visa should submit his/her documents 2-3 days before their last day.

30 days package – AED 1,899

90 days package – AED 2,300

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