Airport to Airport visa change

Airport visa change is the widely  used form of visa change as it the easiest and most commonly used among the all visa change package. The main the reason for this can be due to the flight availability. Currently there are flights like Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Jazeera Airways, Salam Air, Gulf Air available for this service. 

The serenity of marine life is incomparable. When you are trying the scuba diving you must be prepared for encountering the gorgeous underwater life. Scuba diving during your Dubai tour is a must to get a taste of how spectacular Dubai can be apart from its gigantic buildings and deserts. Scuba diving is sure to be an amazing way to help you to capture the great memories of a lifetime.

  • Scuba diving does sound pretty much exciting so do not hold back yourself just because you have not done it before. In Dubai, you will get several places where the environment is friendly for the beginners, but you will have to follow the instruction of the instructors very carefully in order to get the best experience.
  • Before you start the scuba diving, make sure you acquire the training from an experienced, certified scuba diver, in order to ensure that the entire experience will be safe and you will be able to understand the utility of every equipment used during underwater travelling like the mask, oxygen tank or snorkel. You will be made aware of all the driving skills and safety guidelines. Breathing underwater will be a challenge for you but since the training will start from the shallow water you will be able to adapt yourself properly.
  • Most of the people will opt for the Zainab Wreck location and Inch cape, but if you are a beginner then you should definitely start with Dibba Rock. The water in this area is very calm and not much deep which makes it perfect for amateurs. The water around Sharm Rocks is best when it comes to spotting the unique parrot fish or boxfish.
  • It is true that scuba diving is not that easy, but when you are keeping yourself in a state of panic then it will get more uncomfortable and scary. You should not worry since an experienced will always be there with you. Do remember to take pictures of the underwater beauty and include yourself in the frame! When you have the right instructor then they will teach you the proper technique to use the equipment so that you can make the most of your scuba diving experience.

The enthralling world under the water is indeed a sight to behold and there is no better way of experiencing it up close than diving under the water. Your scuba diving memory will surely be among the best memories of your life.

The Grand Mosque, completed in 2007, is a spectacular combination of various architectural concepts from around the world. Also known as the Mosque of Sheikh Zayed who had pioneered the structuring of this mosque, this is the largest religious shrine in entire UAE.

  • Dimensions – The mosque is structured around 180,000 sq. ft. of area and the minarets on the corner are at a height of 351ft each.
  • Capacity – At a time, nearly 40,000 worshippers can pray at this Mosque; the area is divided for women and men. The praying area of men can hold 7000 at a time whereas that for the ladies is subdivided into two parts with a capacity to hold 1500 worshippers each.
  • Grandeur – The Iranian carpet inside the mosque is considered to be the world largest carpet. Besides, there are seven enormous chandeliers encrusted with Swarovski crystals from Germany. The embedded precious pearls on the columns of the mosque and the calligraphic writings in Quibla will also mesmerize you.

Some useful information for your visit

  • There are many hotels around the mosque and you can choose amongst them. You can even plan your tour from Dubai which is 150 km away, but Abu Dhabi is comparatively closer to the mosque.
  • There are no fees to visit the mosque. There is access to wheelchairs which are available for free within the premises of the mosque.
  • You can offer your prayer on Fridays but cannot tour inside the mosque. It is open to visitors on Friday only after 4:30 PM. However, the official hours of visit from Sunday to Thursday are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Saturday it is 10:00 – 11:00 AM, 02:00 – 5:00 PM – 07:00 PM. During Ramadan the visiting hours on normal days are only from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM and is officially closed on Fridays.

Things to do before the visit

  1. If you are a photographer and want to capture your memories, then visit the Grand Mosque around the sunset time
  2. You must be dressed in fully covered clothes and leave your footwear outside the mosque premises. Choose from loose clothes covered till foot and headscarf for women.
  3. Wearing sunglasses can be helpful since the marbles reflect light and it might be difficult to explore and admire the architecture.

Actual tours are those which strengthens your mind and enlightens your soul, so book your tour planner well in advance. Only then can you make the most of your trip to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

When you are in Dubai during the winter, the Desert Safari is something that you cannot miss out! The Desert Safari offers you the closest brush with the Emirati lifestyle for a day, where everything is very glamorous. Starting with the desert safari, the dune bashing and the quad biking to the exciting sand skiing, camel rides and clicking gorgeous sunset photographs, to the lavish barbecue dinner – it does not end there. And add to it the shisha sessions with a glass of drink and admiring the belly dancing performances, it cannot get any better.

  • There will be 4 operators during the tour so make sure you are picking one carefully. The safaris are conducted in two shifts – one in the morning and the other during the evening. Before you head to the desert, make sure that you eat light and drink less water, because the dune bashing can get very bumpy. Keep a sunglass, a camera and a hat with yourself.
  • Carry some cash with yourself so that you can purchase some basic necessities like water or snacks. You might also like to purchase memoirs from souvenir shops.
  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable and loose clothes for avoiding irritations. As the temperature during the winter drops really fast around the desert, choose your clothing and shoes accordingly. There might be several times when you have to get down from the vehicle and walk on the sand, so wearing an open shoe will be more appropriate.
  • It is always recommended that you choose experienced tour operators or agencies even if they are slightly pricier. For, you can then be assured that when you are riding through the steep dunes, the driver and guide are experts and have excellent control.
  • After the dune safari, when you reach the campsite, secure a nice place for yourself so that you can observe the dance floor properly. You will also find additional modes of entertainment like – Arabic coffee stalls, date shops, henna tattoos, shisha parlours, dressing in traditional clothes for spending the time judiciously.
  • When you are thinking of purchasing anything at the campsite one thing that you should remember that it will cost double than the ordinary foods which are found in the malls.


In order to enjoy the entire Safari, you need to follow the rules starting from the clothing choice to the purchasing of items. Desert Safari is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Dubai, so make sure you are not missing the opportunity to experience the desert life in Dubai.

The Ferrari World is a spectacular theme park that is stunning, to say the least. Even if you are not much of a car person and don’t fancy high-end cars, a visit to Ferrari World is sure to open up your senses and dazzle you! There are reasons why people crave to visit this place, on their visit to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • In this theme park, your kids will get the rare opportunity of experiencing the fastest roller coaster. This ride will start with the hydraulic launch and then it will resonate with a plane’s speed and then take off.
  • Here you will also get the opportunity of racing with your friends and family. There is a Fiorano challenge where you will get the chance of participating in the competition of racing. You will gather a lifetime experience when you will be running and taking some twist and turns for winning the game and you will experience the cool breeze of this place at the same time. The entire challenge will get more exciting when you will know that the technology is lying behind.
  • The trip to Dubai will be incomplete if you are not going to the Ferrari World for enjoying the wheels. The kids will be trained by the experts where they will learn several driving techniques and will get prepared before trying out the wonderful opportunity of driving.
  • You can encounter the most sophisticated simulators in the world. A little driver name Nello will take you on a small trip with the help of 4D fantasy. You can experience the depth of the ocean and the flying from the cliffs through this fantastic journey. The best part is you will feel the heat and the cold as the temperature will change along with the lights and moisture.

What makes Ferrari World so popular?

People visit Ferrari World for experiencing and celebrating the innovative technology, heritage, passion, and performance. There is something for every visitor and it will furl all your adrenaline cravings. It will amaze and entertain you by showing you optical illusions, acrobats and stunts which are gravity defying. Starting from the higher roller coaster to all the other fabulous amusers make sure you are visiting this magnificent theme park to experience all of this.


Ferrari World is one of the important tourist destinations and must be in your checklist of Dubai. Apart from enjoying the innumerable rides this place provides, you will a lot of beautiful experiences of the time that you are spending with your family or friends. In this way, you can also visit the finest city of Dubai.

Dubai skydiving is immensely popular for several years and it provides with several stunning facilities and it takes you to skydiving locations which are equally mesmerizing and there are experts for giving the instructions. Dubai has successfully cemented its position in being one of the best leading destinations of Skydiving in the world. Here you get the options of skydiving in a massive desert as well as on the man-made Island that is the Palm Island.

Desert skydiving: The drop zone of desert campus is situated out of the city where you will have to follow the highway which leads to Al-Ain in Dubai. This desert skydiving is experienced by the first timers but before that, you will be trained and will have to take some courses in order to become a professional one. While descending on the designated zone, you can catch a glimpse of the stunning views of the desert dunes as well as the Skyline of Dubai.

Palm skydiving: This is the premium skydiving zone where you will be dropped off in the palm drop zone. From here, you will be experiencing the magnificent views of the Palm Island and the Dubai Skyline. You will also get to enjoy the best view of the largest Ferris Wheel in the world, along with the Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah Island, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Marina.

Things to do before you do skydiving

  • Try to have a healthy and moderate breakfast before you are reaching out to experiencing the best skydiving in the world. Whenever you are doing the skydiving with a full or empty stomach it will no longer be a fun activity. Having a light breakfast will ensure that you are nourished enough before you perform the skydiving.
  • Always wear comfortable clothes of athletics. Go for sports shoe or sneakers. Do not wear high heels or sandals and shirts which have collars are not allowed.
  • Skydiving is a sport which is extremely weather dependent so you will have to wait. The officials will constantly check the weather and will track the movement of winds. If there is any weather deterioration then you will have to wait.
  • Even if you are having the anxiety of skydiving the next day still try to have plenty of sleep otherwise you will fall sick after experiencing a jump from such a long altitude.


Skydiving is one of the most thrilling activities that you can experience in your entire life so make sure you are doing it properly. The videotape of you performing the skydiving will be something that you will cherish forever, so make the most of your opportunity.

Undoubtedly, Dubai has a lot to give newlyweds. Dubai has loads of impressive options for newlywed couples who wish to relax, coddle and get pleasure from newly-wedded ecstasy. As the world’s most thrilling, luxurious and incredible destinations, Dubai is also a cultural melting pot somewhere you could meet with people from all over the World, enjoy various mix of cuisines. From splendid spa suites to adventurous desert safaris, Dubai is the ideal honeymoon destination for couples who adore fast-paced international cities with loads of glitz, glamour and thrill everywhere.

Seems to smoothly blend its native Arabian traditions with the luxurious charm of the West; there are barren beauty of the desert and many unforgettable adventures you can experience during your visit to the city. It doesn’t matter if you are having a day at the races, riding in a desert safari or enjoying the striking shimmies of a belly-dancer; the dynamic feel of Dubai will keep you mesmerized throughout the trip. Honeymooners will have numerous luxury hotels and resorts to select, including the iconic Burj Al Arab – the symbol of opulence and glamour. However if your budget doesn’t allow than there are numerous hotels in the city to make sure you have a comfy Arabian halt. Dubai is revolutionizing tourism, from entertainment, romantic destinations, adventure, natural world to cuisine, offers the best in the World. Enjoy honeymoon tour to Dubai overcome fears, and spend precious time with her other half.

The ultramodern city of Dubai is renowned for its gigantic skyscrapers, grand projects, and spendthrift lifestyle. This impressive metropolis is top-of-mind when it’s about romantic destinations for newlyweds, dive deep than its ostentatious frontage to get into the heart and soul of Dubai.

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There is good news for various visa holders in UAE. There have been recent changes in visa policies. The government has facilitated the transfer of visas into a residency one.

Previously, if a short-term visa holder found a job while staying in the country, he would have to leave the country and then return with the proper documentation. This was a time-consuming and expensive process. In order to save resources and encourage work opportunities, new regulations are being implemented.


Since this new rule has come into effect, visa holders can stay within UAE and modify their visa to become a resident. However, it is important that the application be filed before the expiry of the current valid visa. Otherwise, penalties for overstaying will be incurred. After completing the requirements, and paying the fees in lieu of leaving, the next step is to register the application through an online procedure. You may also approach an immigration office or port of entry in UAE for these services. Once the application is submitted, it can be checked via electronic tracking.


There is a different fee for each type of visa. Every applicant needs to pay the visa application processing fee according to the visa category that he is applying for. It is important to note that fees vary in each emirate and fluctuate from time to time.

Processing times

The processing time is usually two to three business days. However, the time varies depending upon which type of visa that was applied for. The good news is that the service can be expedited for an additional 100 dirhams.

Residency renewal

For those people who are already residing in UAE, they can renew their permits the same way. They must renew it before the visa expires. However, if for some reason, you are not able to complete the paperwork before the expiry date, there is a 30-day grace period to either adjust the status and get another residence visa or leave the country. The hefty overstay fines do not apply during the grace period, but once it is over, you will be fined 125 dirhams the initial day and 25 for each following one. The penalty continues to escalate, and after 6 months, it will increase to 50 dirhams a day. But after a year, it will increase to 100 a day.

For spouses

This regulation is applicable for spouses of residents as well. A male resident who works in a profession that permits him to sponsor his family can apply for their sponsorship after meeting the minimum salary requirement and proof of accommodation. Once the family enters UAE, the resident has 60 days to amend their status and file for residency. The validity of the visa depends upon the working contract of the sponsoring member. It is important to note that UAE laws do not allow sponsorship of males over the age of 18 unless he is a student at a local university. However, this does not apply to females. They are allowed residency until marriage.

Are you aware of the recent changes in the visa policies of Dubai? The government has approved several visa facilitations for families, tourists, residents, and people who have overstayed their legal visas. This has opened up various opportunities for people of any nationality. There are different types of visas, each with a number of strategic implementations. Here is everything you need to know about the updated visa policies.

Transit visa

As a way to promote commerce and tourism, the Cabinet of Dubai has passed a new legislation.

  • It will allow all transit passengers a free entry into the country for the first 48 hours.
  • Before this time period expires, passengers have the opportunity to extend their visa up to 96 hours for a nominal cost of 50 dirhams.

Transit visas and extensions can be easily obtained from express counters at the passport-control halls in any airport in UAE.

Tourist visa

A tourist visa should be obtained before arriving in Dubai. This can be issued depending upon the duration of stay: either 30 days or 90 days, However, you can choose to apply for single entry or multiple entry visa. Remember, a tourist visa is not extendable.

  • Effective from this year, a policy has been released to allow children who are traveling with their parents and under the age of 18 years visa-free entry. This is valid for visits starting from July 15 up until September 15 of each year.

Student visa

At the moment, a student visa can be obtained either by a resident sponsoring his child or through any registered universities in UAE. It is currently granted for one year, after which it must be renewed by submitting supporting documents proving that he or she is a student of an institution.

  • Students that are excelling in their studies will be granted a 10-year residency visa, while other students will be able to get a 5-year visa.
  • Professionals such as engineers and doctors will be granted a 10-year residency visa.
  • Those candidates that are sponsored by their parents will be given a two-year extension on their residency visa after completing university studies. This will give the student an opportunity to start a career after graduation.

Visa for job seekers or overstayers

UAE is promoting its image as a land of opportunities by initiating an amnesty program effective August 1, 2018 to October 31, 2018. This applies to both, visa violators and illegal residents, but the violation must have been committed before August 1, 2018.

  • Overstayers who are illegally living in UAE can voluntarily exit the country without paying fines, going to jail, or getting a ban.
  • Overstaying jobseekers can change their status by getting a self-sponsored 6-month visa allowing temporary access to the job market. The cost is 500 dirhams.
  • People who entered illegally can voluntarily leave UAE when they purchase a ticket to their home country and obtain an exit permit for 220 dirhams. The passport will be stamped with a “no entry” ban, valid for 2 years.

Visa change inside UAE without exiting the country

If you are on a visit visa to the UAE, you no longer have to exit the country to extend your visa. There is no longer a need to wait in the airport for long hours or travel to Oman by bus. You have the option of availing the visa extension inside country package from Seaman Tours. Both 30 days and 90 days package are available with us at affordable rates. The applicant who wishes to extend the visa should submit his/her documents 2-3 days before their last day.

30 days package – AED 1,899

90 days package – AED 2,300