Visa change is the most common way to extend your current tourist visa to new. Customers who wish to extend their stay in UAE can avail either Airport to Airport visa change, Oman visa change, Armenia visa change package from Seaman Tours. We provide dedicated visa change services which is quick, easy and convenient for our customers. Based on your situation our tour experts will suggest you a perfect visa change package. Whether you are in UAE for job search or you want to extend your stay with relatives, Seaman Tours always has your back. Please find the below options which suits your requirement. Most widely preferred package is Airport to Airport visa change (A2A) and Oman visa change by Bus(B2B). Currently to extend visa for 60 days is possible only once you exit the country as the inside country visa change option has been removed by the immigration.  

Visa change to Kish

Kish has opened doors for visa change from Dubai. We have restarted the package with one night stay and return the next day after enjoying the beauty of the island. 

Price starting from AED 950

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Airport to Airport Visa (A2A)

Airport to Airport is the most common and cheapest mean for extending visa. Renew by exiting to nearest airport. Same day visa processing.

Price starting from Aed 1100

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Hatta visa Change (B2B)

Hatta by bus is a process by which the applicant will have to travel to Hatta (Oman) by bus and wait for their tourist visa. Same day visa Processing.

Price starting from Aed 850.

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Khasab visa change (B2B)

Khasab by bus in another way to renew your visa by crossing border by bus and return same day with your new tourist visa. Easy and cheapest way to renew.

Price starting from Aed 850.

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Inside country visa Change

Stay at home and get your visa renewed. Most convenient way to renew visa visa. Not required to travel anywhere for visa extension.

Price starting from Aed 950

Currently not available

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FAQ for Visa change

If you avail the Airport to Airport visa change package the visa will come out on the same day provided you complete the exit formalities in the morning. If the application goes for blacklist or security there may be delays but 95% of our customers are back in the UAE within the day.

Airport to Airport package is open to most nationalities. The Oman package on the other hand is restricted to certain nationalities. To know more please call our office at 04-238-1777

We require passport copy of the applicant and photo. We also require identification documents of the any UAE resident who will be the guarantor.  We do consider people who do not have guarantor. Please talk to our agent regarding the same

Yes we can process the visa change for you, however you will have to pay all the fines at the immigration or border respectively. We can help you calculate the amount of finesfor msot of the cases.

Yes, It is possible to avail this package for applicants who have entered UAE using on arrival facility. Please get in touch with our agent to get more information for the same.

Visa change is for applicants who are in tourist visa and their last date is nearing. If overstayed in Tourist visa the fine will be Aed 300 for the first day and then Aed 100 each day. It is always advisable not to overstay in any kind of visas.