Oman Visa Run - Border to Border

Dubai visa run has been possible now for on arrival nationalities. We will be exiting to the near by Oman border. We have pick up from Marina Mall. Please fill the form below to block your slots. There will be an additional exit fee and Oman visa which can be paid to our person on the day of exit. Please check your last day to exit the country and you can either visit us, pay us online or pay on the day of exit. Our vehicle is a 2023 model vehicle, with push backs seats and spacious interior.  

We also have the private visa run service also available on request. Visa run can be availed for all on arrival nationalities who are eligible for 30 days on each entry. We have this service going on daily basis. The total price for this service is AED 390 which includes the border fees. You can pay on the day of departure. Please make sure you make the booking online and pay us on the day of travel. We advice you to check your last day to remain in the country before the exit as currently the border immigration does not allow us to pay fines at the border. Please reach to us for another alternative. The pick up for visa run is timed at 7 am at the morning with two location. If there is a change on the timing we will be informing the costumer a day before the travel.

Currently Visa run is possible for 30 days on arrival nationalities. We also can do the same service for 90 days on arrival nationalities for those who are on cancelled residence visa.


For those nationalities who have entered UAE on 90 days on arrival visa have to stay outside for 90 days once they complete their 90 days stay inside the country. It will be 90 days multiple entry visa which can be consumed in 180 days. If the applicant wish to extend their stay after 90 days, we can help them with airport visa change. We will provide you with air tickets and 60 days visa.


If you are unsure about your last day of your visa, you can check the validity by following this link. CHECK VISA VALIDITY