The recent update of 60 days UAE visa has been introduced by UAE immigration. Dubai immigration has already updated their system by replacing the existing 90 days visa.

Apply 60 days UAE visit visa with Seaman Tours and the process is easy as you can attach all the documents online.We will be providing travel insurance along with the visa. The visa which will be provided will be single entry. We also have 60 days multiple entry visa if you wish to travel multiple times to UAE. 

Seaman Tours have already started the process for 60 days Dubai visa. We can currently process the visa from Dubai, Sharjah and Abudhabi Immigration. 

The previous 90 days visa has been removed from UAE immigration. The process will be same which requires passport copy and Photo and the processing time will be 2-3 working days.  Once the 60 days uae visa is approved the applicant gets a validity issued on the visa in which they must enter. 

Please reach to us if you have any further questions

Documents required for 60 days UAE visit visa

  • Passport copy (Valid for 6 months)
  • Passport copy back page ( Required for Indians)
  • Recent passport size photo

If you have all the above documents handy you can either apply online by clicking the above Apply now button. You can also speak to our sales agent and apply through mail or whatsapp.

FAQ's for 60 days UAE visit visa

What is the new 60 days UAE visit visa?

UAE has introduced the new 60 days visa, which was replaced with 90 days visa. 

When was the 60 days Dubai introduced?

Abudhabi and Sharjah immigration had already introduced 60 days visa on October 3rd 2022. Dubai has replaced 90 days visa with 60 days visa on November 1st 2022.

How many days will the process take?

The process is the same as 30 days. The whole process will take 2-3 working days.

Can I still apply 90 days visa?

UAE immigration has removed 90 days option and have been replaced with 60 days. 

When should I enter UAE once my 60 days visa is approved?

Once the visa is approved you will get the validity of the visa mentioned on your visa. Normally the validity will be 60 days once the visa is issued.

Can I extend my 60 days visa once my visa is above to expire?

Yes, we can extend your current visa by exiting to near by country. We are currently doing Muscat visa change by air, Armenia visa change package and Maldives visa change package. Please talk to our agent for more information.