Embark on an incredible journey from Dubai to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the region’s pioneering marine life theme park, promising an unforgettable adventure. Explore its eight captivating realms and gain a profound understanding of the ocean’s beauty and diversity. This amusement and education hub features fascinating rides, captivating shows, and enlightening initiatives devoted to conserving and safeguarding marine life.

WHAT TO ANTICIPATE: Up-Close Encounters with Marine Marvels: Prepare to be amazed as you venture from Dubai to SeaWorld and witness a plethora of marine species and habitats in the park’s eight realms. Each realm offers a unique and awe-inspiring marine encounter, from the mesmerizing tales of interconnectedness in the One Ocean Realm to the vibrant marine ecosystem of the Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm. Rocky Point showcases wonders from the Pacific West, while the Arctic realm allows a deeper understanding of life cycles in the Arctic region.

Thrilling Chills and Exciting Thrills: Within the 180,000-square-meter marine life park, exhilarating experiences await. In the Antarctic realm, be transported to a polar wonderland and observe Antarctic and sub-Antarctic penguins in their icy habitat. Brace yourself for astonishing adventures in the Endless Ocean realm, home to the world’s largest aquarium boasting over 68,000 underwater animals, including graceful rays, formidable sharks, and enchanting turtles.

Where Education Meets Excitement: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers far more than a mere glimpse of diverse marine species and habitats. It seamlessly blends entertainment, education, and conservation to leave you amazed and inspired. Engage in thrilling rides, explore interactive exhibits, and be captivated by shows that celebrate the wonders of the ocean. From pearl diving shows to heartwarming sea lion encounters and dolphin presentations, a spectrum of marine-inspired experiences will keep you entertained. Notably, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is devoted to marine conservation and protection, proudly bearing the distinction of being MENA’s first Global Humane-certified facility.


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