Are you planning a holiday in Dubai? Seaman Tours provides you with multiple package tour options in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We provide you an all inclusive tour package thus saving you a whole lot of time and money. Seaman Tours has offices in Dubai and we have contracted rates with hotels and tour operators so be rest assured you are getting the lowest prices along with our world famous services quality.:

Armenia Package

Visit Armenia for 5 nights for EID Holidays and enjoy the beauty of Armenia. This package can be availed from residents from Dubai. Armenia package from Dubai has been the most availed package from Dubai post Covid.

Maldives Package

Maldives has been one of the most visited place for tourism and it has been one of the beautiful resorts and beaches. We have made costume made packages for passengers travelling from Dubai. Please check our packages.

Dubai Quarantine Package

Dubai Quarantine package is for passengers who has been stranded in countries which has been red listed in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries. We help you to reach destination after completing 14 days quarantine in Dubai

Dubai Stop Over package

Transiting in Dubai and have a long layover or spending a few days in Dubai, this package is perfect for you. From Huge shopping malls to the desert and sand beaches Dubai has it all. Experience it all with Dubai stop over package.

Dubai Honeymoon Package

Dubai is perfect place to spend your honeymoon considering that all DUbai has to offer. Everything will come as a package, so you and your better half can relax and enjoy you honeymoon in peace.

Dubai Merchant Package

The package for businessmen and traders coming to buy stock in Dubai. Hoping over to Dubai for buying stock or for signing important business deal. This package is perfect for trader and businessmen.

Seaman Tours provides customised tour packages to Dubai for our customers from around the world. Dubai is one of the largest cities in the Middle East and is often referred as the financial centre of the Middle east. In recent years it has become  very important transit hub because of its centralised location.