Due to the coronavirus situation across the world many countries especially high risk countries have been facing travel bans. Few High rick countries include India, United kingdom , South Africa, Egypt, Philippines, Iran, China, Bangladesh, Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and Peru.

Seaman Tours has derived a package in which we will provide you quarantine facilities in Dubai as well as UAE visa with Covid insurance. This is an all inclusive package and you will be taken care of for the entire stay in Dubai. Seaman Tours has a a full fledged office in Dubai and we are in the right position to provide you will proper quarantine facilities. This package is normally used by residents of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

   Package Inclusions

  • 16 Nights Hotel Accommodation
  • Breakfast Included
  • UAE tourist visa
  • Covid Insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • PCR test in Dubai
  • Transfers for PCR Test

   Package Exclusions

  • Air tickets 
  • Pcr Test in Home country
  • Any private transfers
  • Room Service

Frequently Asked Questions

I am Saudi Iqama Holder . Can I avail this package?

Yes, Saudi has opened up doors for UAE travelers from 08/09/2021. You can avail the same package from Seaman Tours.  There are certain conditions that has to be full filled before your travel to Dubai. Please talk to our agent to confirm the same.

Can I avail this package from your Indian Office?

Yes, Its possible to contact our representative in India. You can contact 00918884886777.

Can I avail this package from UK?

Yes, Its possible to contact our representative in India. You can contact +447445381114.

Can I visit my friends or relatives when I am on this package?

You are free to visit any of your friends or relatives who reside in Dubai after your Covid results are out from Dubai Airport. 

Do I have any quarantine period in Dubai?

You will have to isolate yourself for around 24 hours until your covid results are out. At the Dubai airport you will have to undergo a covid test. This is free of cost provided by Dubai Airport. After that you will have to self isolate until the results are out.

Can I use this opportunity for sightseeing?

After a couple of days in the hotel you can contact the Seaman Tours office in Dubai for any tours and excursions that we may be running. Please note that many attractions in Dubai remain closed due to the impending corona-virus scare



I'm not comfortable in this hotel. Can I change?

We at Seaman Tours have contracts with around 40 Hotels around Dubai. We can surely find another one for you.

What is the coronavirus situation in Dubai?

Like everywhere else in the world Dubai has been hard hit by the pandemic. There are many rules in place so that residents and tourists feel same. Dubai has taken strict measures to reduce the the spread of Covid. We also advise tourist who visit on quarantine package to respect the rules in Dubai.

Is there any affordable package than Hotel?

We have contracts with many hotels in Dubai. If you wish to stay in hostels we can provide you with Hostel facility. It will be also single and twin sharing. Rates will be bit more economical than hotel package.

How much is this package in Dollars or Pounds?

The total package in US Dollars will be $775 and in British pounds will be £ 517. If you wish to opt a hotel of your own choice the price may vary.

I am not vaccinated. Can I travel to Dubai?

Yes, You can travel to Dubai even if your not vaccinated or if you have taken any vaccination. We encourage all the travelers to take vaccination for your safety.