What is Ok to Board?

OK to board, also referred to as visa message is an airline requirement for passengers flying from IndiaPakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and some other countries. This is an airline requirement so the procedure totally depends on the airline that you are flying from.

Do all Indian’s flying to Dubai need Ok to Board?

Only tourist visa applicants and passengers who do not have visa stamped on the passport need to do this formality. Basically it is an extra precaution put in place by the airlines to make sure that passengers have a valid visa.

If you are living in India, please call +91 888-488-6777 or visit seamantours.in to complete the OK to board procedure from India.

Is this a mandatory requirement?

They may deny boarding if the visa message is not updated in the system. The procedure is simple and can be completed in very simple steps. Seaman Tours can manage the entire process for you. Please read this news article for more information regarding OK to Board – https://www.dubaistandard.com/ok-board-procedure-introduced-indians-pakistanis-tourists-dubai/

Ok to Board service

AED 50
  • Update within 24- 48 hours

Ok To board (Urgent)

AED 100
  • Update within 4 hours